We are looking forward to current Year 11 SHSB studens and external offer-holders confirming their Year 12 place with us at SHSB on results day.

Current Year 11 SHSB students who have met the Sixth Form entry requirements will have an acceptance form in their results envelope which must be completed and handed in before they leave school on results day. 

External offer-holders who have met the Sixth Form entry requirements should visit the Sixth Form Centre between 9am and 1pm with all GCSE results to register their place. 

Any student who has met the Sixth Form entry requirements and would like to apply for a place on results day should visit the Sixth Form Centre between 11am and 1pm with all results. If we have any spaces, we aim to make any further offers by 30th August by telephone. We will only contact applicants if we are able to make an offer. We will keep a waiting list until 13th September.

We are pleased to attach below the Year 12 booklet and presentation from Mr Foley for your information.  Below you will also find transition work for the following subjects which should be completed by the start of term in September:


Year 12 booklet - coming soon

Art (booklet attached)

Biology (booklet attached)

Business (see guidance below)

Chemistry (booklet attached)

Drama (booklet attached)

English Literature  (see guidance below)

English Combined (see guidance below)

French (booklet attached)

German (booklet attached)

Maths and Further Maths (booklet attached and see guidance below)

Physics (see guidance below)

Psychology (booklet attached)

Spanish (see guidance below and attached work)

Maths and Further Maths

Below is a booklet with key information on what to expect when starting A Level Mathematics, and how you can best prepare for September. In addition to lots of helpful information, the booklet also contains questions that we would like you to complete prior to starting the course. These are key GCSE topics which are important in making a good start in the first few weeks. The booklet also contains information on how you can access help in order to be able to answer those questions, if needed. In short, the school has access to MyMaths which contains excellent “bridging units” tuition….the booklet details how to access that help.

 Please read the booklet thoroughly, and tackle the transition work over the summer break, using MyMaths to help when required. We will collect this work in from you on your first lesson in September. Our experience shows us that those who complete the work, using the help available, make the most confident start in the first few weeks.

 The department will also run a diagnostic test in September to help you see how well you have understood this transitional work, so please use the bridging units to help you when, or if, you get stuck. I hope that you find the attached helps you both with information, and useful preparation tasks, and we look forward to having the chance to work with you in the future should you be successful in joining the school sixth form,


In order to best prepare you for A level physics, we are going to be providing you with some online study materials for over the summer break. They have been specifically chosen to cover the most important aspects of GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Physics and we will be assessing these in the first week back in September as a baseline test. The main purpose of the initial physics assessment is to highlight any weaknesses early on so that we can put in place any required support. The pace of AS level physics is very quick and your success will depend on your prior knowledge and understanding. The higher the level you start from, the higher the level you will obtain at the end.

 To access the online resources you will need to sign up to Isaac physics using the link below where you will be assigned 4 gameboards; each one should take between 30-60 minutes; the group code is 99HJU3.


Isaac Physics

Isaac Physics is a project designed to offer support and activities in physics problem solving to teachers and students from GCSE level through to university.


If you find any of the questions difficult, Isaac physics also provides some videos, hints and tips in solving them.


Please watch the following video and complete four worksheets.

Video - https://www.channel5.com/show/inside-aldi-britain-s-biggest-budget-supermarket

Worksheets - https://time2resources.co.uk/blog/preparing-year-11-students-for-year-12-business-qualifications-with-inside-aldi/


We recommend students read the following core texts:

Literature students: The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald; Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Language and Literature students: The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald; Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy (following poems only: You, Hour, Rapture, Elegy, Betrothal, Love, New Year, Answer, Wintering, Write, Grief, Ithaca, Epiphany, The Love Poem, Over).

You are also welcome to supplement this reading with further critical reading (e.g. study guides, internet resources) on the same texts.


 Ideas for Summer homework:

  1. From GCSE to A'level - see attached list of links (PDF document)
  1. Exercises (pg 88 and pg 98).  The following questions go with the 5.3 "las lenguas" passage attached.

  1. Watch the YouTube clip on the film they will study in year 12 - "Ocho apellidos vascos"



OCHO APELLIDOS VASCOS la comedia roomántica española del año. Estreno: 14 de Marzo de 2014 Rafa, andaluz de pura cepa, nunca ha tenido que salir de su querida Sevilla para conseguir lo que más le importa en la vida: el fino, la gomina y las mujeres. Hasta que un día todo cambia cuando aparece la primera mujer que se resiste a sus encantos ...


  1. Watch the new documentary on Disney+ - see below.  10 young people from the Spanish speaking world put questions to the Pope about the Catholic church and their views on a range of topics connected to the A'Level course


The Pope: Answers | Official Trailer | Hulu

Ten young people from all over the world meet in Rome with Pope Francis, with the aim of talking and conveying to him the main concerns of their generation. What awaits them is an unprecedented meeting, a face-to-face conversation, and a unique event. In this talk, guided by the young people's own questions, they will address such important ...