Child Safeguarding at Southend High School for Boys

Child Safeguarding is at the forefront of all we do at Southend High School for Boys.

Our Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Worth, Mr Brandon, Mr Nzemeke, Mr Foley and Mr March; any concerns regarding a child’s safety or welfare should be directed to our Safeguarding Leads.

All our staff are reminded of the very clear and high expectations placed upon them as professionals working with young people.

All members of staff are recognisable by their identity badge. Any visitors to the school must sign in and wear a Visitor’s Badge.

We are aware that students and parents sometimes wish to raise safeguarding concerns. Please contact us through if there is a general concern that you wish to share. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss a confidential safeguarding concern, please email the safeguarding team direct at

Please remember that you can report abuse direct to the police and the Safeguarding Team at the Local Authority. Information about Southend reporting mechanisms can be found here:


As a safeguarding school, Online E-Safety is a priority both in and out of school. The resources/links below are intended to help parents and carers fully understand the nature of the online world, the benefits and the risks.

Keeping Children Safe Online – a Guide for Parents” is available by following this link.

Think U Know’ Parent’s Fact Sheet is available by following this link.

Think U Know’ CEOP leaflet is available by following this link.

CEOP advert:

"Where's Klaus" video:

You can view this FT Video "Capture, who's looking after the children?" by following this link.

You can view the parent guide "Parents Safety Net - keeping children safe online during the summer holidays" here