SHSB student invited to be an AQA Adviser

Layla, a student in Year 12, joined senior AQA staff at the House of Commons last week, as part of a new group of student advisers.

The group, set up to advise England's biggest school exam board on GCSEs and A levels, was developed to provide a student's perspective on the exam process. The board began recruiting students for the group in November last year and Layla was one of the students chosen from across the country to join it.

The student group  wants exams that are both "accessible" and "relevant" for young people.

Speaking at an event at the House of Commons, the chair of the group, Ellen Blacker, who recently sat the reformed GCSEs, said she wanted to help develop exams that felt more "approachable" for young people. 

The Time Educational Supplement (TES) reported on the event: