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Southend High School for Boys

GCSE Grades- Minimum requirements for entry

Entry criteria to the Sixth Form at SHSB are as follows:

•  From your eight best GCSE grades, you will need to accrue at least 12 points (where

   A*=3, A=2 and B=1). Short course GCSEs may be included within this calculation.

•  You must achieve at least GCSE Grade C in English and Maths.

•  You must achieve at least GCSE Grade B in subjects to be taken at AS Level (or, in the

    case of new subjects, in related subject areas).

Students should only consider joining the Sixth Form at SHSB if they are likely to cope with the rigorous demands involved. Past experience has taught us that students who fall below these entry thresholds rarely thrive in such an academically challenging environment. SHSB is a grammar school with a traditional curriculum, and our rigorous approaches to teaching and learning are geared towards preparing students for entry into higher education.

For similar reasons, applicants should be aware of the requirement for continuation from AS to A2.


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